Upon walking into Chelsea’s class, just her wonderful energy alone gave me a sense of comfort and ease. Doing her class although challenging, was also gentle and informative as she helped me through my poses with such encouragement. I also really enjoy the inspiring music she puts on in her classes and the words she shares during class.
I am humbled and grateful to be able to practice yoga with Chelsea as she truly has the gift of teaching yoga and of sharing all she knows… I look forward to continuing to deepen my practice with her.
Tiffany Gibson

I had not been practicing for a while and taking Chelsea’s class made me want to get back into it!! Chelsea challenges you in a subtle way and before u know it you’ve passed what u think is your potential into a new land of experience leaving you feeling physically and spiritually happy.
Sheila Momtahen

Chelsea has a way of sending my body and soul into a place of pure enlightenment. Her impeccable instruction guides my practice into a spiritual dance, leaving me feeling peaceful, exuberant, and one with the Divine. Chelsea’s class at Yogaco inspired me to embark on the 200-hour teacher training session and my life is truly changing as a result. I am grateful to have found such an amazing teacher and I can’t wait to go on a retreat with Chelsea once my training is complete!
Joey Soto

“After a year of hiking, running, and eating healthy, I am only 10 pounds away from reaching my goal–70 pounds of total weight loss. Discipline and focus have played major roles in my success. I have always been an athlete so intense workouts filled with cardio and lifting have helped me get to the next level with competitive sports. In my recent months, I’ve felt lost and my weight loss had plateaued. I couldn’t figure out what was missing. I took Chelsea’s class one Thursday evening after a long day of work. I was there with two friends that dealt with my back and forth banter about not even stepping foot into the studio. My excuses were flying left and right. I had taken yoga many times before, but never really got into the flow of it all. Chelsea’s class opened up so many more doors for me. I was able to breathe, stretch, feel, let go, and focus on what my body was telling me through her teachings and practice. Since that first class, I just cannot get enough of Chelsea McElroy. Yoga is truly that missing link that I have been in search for on this journey all along”.
Jackie, 24, Los Angeles

Chelsea has beautiful energy & great spirit! Whenever I take her classes, for an hour and half I forget about my daily problems and just breathe & flow. How often do we get that in life?
A combination of spirituality, yoga poses, stretching, wonderful music and getting an awesome workout without even realizing it. Priceless! 🙂
Hilla Peer